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Campbell, Tony

Seal of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
Seal of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina


Father Campbell served as the pastor of Camp Baskervill in Pawleys Island, SC (Georgetown County). Camp Baskervill developed summer camps for at-risk youth and was instrumental in bringing together area churches and organizations to help people recover from the effects of Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Gumbo Stew, a cultural heritage festival, was held for several years. Interview conducted by Gail Matthews.

Now an outreach of Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church, Baskervill Ministries serves to provide relief, education and spiritual life, through the love of Jesus Christ, to all who come in hope and faith to seek and share.

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bullet icon Cultural change on Pawleys Island (00:39)

How developments on the island have changed the culture

bullet icon Bringing people together (01:55)

The importance of culture and its relationship to prejudice

bullet icon Creation of Heritage Festival (01:57)

A meeting that went badly inspired Camp Baskervill to start a heritage festival to help different cultures appreciate each other

bullet icon Festival named Gumbo Stew (00:17)

bullet icon Gumbo metaphor (00:50)

bullet icon Appreciating different cultures (01:13)

Gumbo Stew features different art forms and exposes people to new cultures