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Wineglass, Jane

Jane Wineglass, McClellanville, SC
Jane Wineglass, McClellanville, SC

A McClellanville, SC (Charleston County) resident, Ms. Wineglass has long been known for her folk medicine remedies, as well as the ability to interpret dreams. Interview conducted by Gail Matthews.

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bullet icon Church hit by Hugo (01:53)

Description of the damage done to her church by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and the clean-up afterwards

bullet icon Thoughts on hurricane (00:38)

bullet icon Midwives (01:13)

bullet icon Dr. Dominick's ghost (02:05)

A ghost that visits her and theories on why he comes around

bullet icon Ghosts appearing (00:52)

Thoughts on the appearance of ghosts and how this relates to what is said in the Bible

bullet icon Dream interpretations (00:28)

What it means if one dreams about an egg or about water

bullet icon Home remedies (02:01)

Home remedies for the treatment of fever

bullet icon More on home remedies (01:04)

Why people used home remedies, including a leaf called mullein

bullet icon To treat Burns and cuts (00:45)

The use of ashes of sweetgum tree burs and spider webs.