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Fiddle Traditions

Fiddle Traditions CD Cover

PRODUCED BY Hairy Toe Productions, the South Carolina Arts Commission, and the Spartanburg County Historical Association. 2003. 34 tracks.

From the liner notes by Project Director John Fowler:

"This project is not meant to identify one playing style or bowing technique, nor is it meant to emphasize a certain traditional pattern of styles. In most cases the tunes were selected on the basis of clarity, presentation and playability. Most of the selections are traditional pieces...The recordings were made between 1997 and 2002 at the homes of the musicians."

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bullet icon Chicken Reel (00:31)

Bobby Fullbright

bullet icon Rackin Pony (00:32)

TC Foster

bullet icon John Henry (00:27)

Ted Brackett

bullet icon Moving (00:27)

Charles Summer

bullet icon Dance All Night (00:30)

Paul Gregory