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South Carolina’s Shared Traditions: 15 Years of the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards

Shared Traditions CD Cover

PRODUCED BY Clemson Radio Productions for South Carolina Educational Radio, the South Carolina Arts Commission, and McKissick Museum. 2002

Audio   (Transcript Coming Soon)

bullet icon Foggy Mountain Breakdown (00:36)

Al Wall & Sugar Hill (live at the 2001 Fall Folklife Festival, featuring Pappy Sherrill and Smokey Weiner)

bullet icon Glory, Glory (00:37)

The Chosen Sisters

bullet icon Cripple Creek (00:28)

Claude Lucas & Bill Wells

bullet icon I Want My Rib (00:44)

Pappy Sherrill, Snuffy Jenkins, and Greasy Medlin

bullet icon Fisher's Hornpipe (00:31)

Vernon Riddle