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South Carolina Welcomes Ya’ll: A Sampler of South Carolina Traditional Music

SC Sampler CD Cover

PRODUCED BY Clemson Radio Productions for South Carolina Educational Radio, the South Carolina Arts Commission, and the South Carolina Traditional Arts Network. 2000

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bullet icon Hard Luck Blues (00:36)

Ralph Smith

bullet icon Amazing Grace (00:52)

The Greer Family

bullet icon Glory, Glory (00:32)

Drink Small

bullet icon Colonel's Jazz Blues (00:38)

Colonel Gene Wyatt & Hot Guitar

bullet icon Un Aventura (00:33)

Los Jiguleros del Sur

bullet icon Forked Deer (00:39)

Pappy Sherrill & Snuffy Jenkins

bullet icon Have A Little Talk with Jesus (00:38)

The Jackson Brothers

bullet icon Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (00:36)

JC Owens & Fiddler's Three