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Considerable Grace Vol. III - Folk Music Ultra: Traditional Music in South Carolina

Welcome to Folk Music Ultra! This recording is the third volume in the Considerable Grace Traditional Music Series. The first volume, "Music of the South Carolina Folk Heritage Awards" was produced in 2003 and the second volume, "Feel the Presence: Traditional African American Music in South Carolina" followed in 2007.

The Folklife Resource Center focuses on the documentation and celebration of Southern life, culture, and community. Traditional music is a large part of this story. Folk music in South Carolina is very dynamic and constantly evolving. Young and old, musicians from all walks of life add their unique stylizations to traditional songs and genres. Whether at a jam session at a local pickin’ parlor or a church sanctuary or a town festival, folk music is a vibrant and relevant part of life for many in South Carolina. This music series is one way we showcase and present the diverse music found throughout the state.

When possible, new field recordings were made for this volume. Most of this music was recorded where it is normally performed - homes, festivals, religious services, and community centers across South Carolina. Enjoy!

Audio   (Transcript Coming Soon)

bullet icon Great Spirit Song (01:04)

Will Moreau Goins

bullet icon C'mon Boys Let's Go Huntin'/Cripple Creek (01:59)

John Thomas Fowler

bullet icon Drop Down Mama/Deep Ellum Blues (02:23)

Mill Billy Blues

bullet icon The Gallows Tree (02:49)

Martha Benn Macdonald

bullet icon Come On In (02:12)

Springfield Baptist Singing Convention

bullet icon Down in the Willow Garden/Rank Stranger (01:59)

Harold Wayne Turner

bullet icon Beaumont Rag (02:24)

Snuffy Jenkins and Pappy Sherrill

bullet icon Call to Worship (00.46)

Shell Johnson

bullet icon Foggy Mountain Breakdown/Long Gone (01:58)

Scape Ore Bluegrass Company

bullet icon Voices in the Wind (02:01)

Roger Whitmore

bullet icon Rhubarb (01:42)

Ashley Carder and Kristen Harris

bullet icon The Importance of Folk Culture (06:44)

Stan Woodward

bullet icon Wildwood Flower (00:59)

Lib Porter with Joy Evans

bullet icon Roneat Hymn (01:07)

Docnga Sap

bullet icon We Need the Lord (01:19)

Ricky McDuffie & The Family