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Sugar Hill - Remembering Bob Wills

PRODUCED BY Sugar Hill Productions. 2010. 12 tracks.

Musicians include Al Wall (guitar), Will Dantzler (fiddle), Ferris Williams (vocals, guitar), Ronnie Wilson (electric guitar), Margaret Coleman (vocals).

Audio   (Transcript Coming Soon)

bullet icon Faded Love (00:41)

(Written by Bob and John Wills)

bullet icon Milk Cow Blues (01:02)

(Written by Kokomo Arnold)

bullet icon Liberty (00:46)

bullet icon Cherokee Shuffle (00:38)

(Written by Nate Leath)

bullet icon Maiden's Prayer (00:59)

(Written by Tekla Badrzewska)

bullet icon Cherry Blossom Waltz (00:51)

(Written by Pappy Sherrill)

bullet icon Steel Guitar Rag (00:43)

(Written by Leon McAuliffe)

bullet icon Orange Blossom Special (01:14)

(Written by Ervin T. Rouse)

bullet icon Guitar Boogie (01:08)

(Written by Arthur Smith)

bullet icon Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (01:06)

(Written by Fred Rose)

bullet icon House of the Rising Sun (01:07)

bullet icon Black Mountain Rag (00:56)