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Greasy Greens

PRODUCED BY Freddie Vanderford, Circle X Records. 2010. 15 tracks.

Musicians include Freddie Vanderford (lead vocals & harmonica), Brandon Turner (guitars, banjo, snare drum, bongos, and acoustic bass), Matthew Knights Williams (acoustic guitar), Don McGraw (electric bass), Fayssoux McLean (backing vocals), TJ Jeter (kick drum & hammers), David Ezell (acoustic guitar), Wes Wyatt (acoustic guitar).

Audio   (Transcript Coming Soon)

bullet icon She Can Cook Good Sallett (00:45)

bullet icon Trouble Come Knocking (00:44)

bullet icon Delia (00:44)

(Johnny Cash)

bullet icon Greasy Greens (00:47)

bullet icon Lost Mind (00:41)

(Percy Mayfield)

bullet icon Cut You Loose (00:58)

bullet icon Half As Much (00:43)

(Hank Williams)

bullet icon Stop Breaking Down (00:48)

(Robert Johnson)

bullet icon One Meatball (00:47)

bullet icon I Still Miss Someone (00:56)

(Johnny Cash)

bullet icon Back to Brownsville/Rolling and Tumbling (00:46)

bullet icon White Freightliner Blues (00:46)

(Townes Van Zandt)

bullet icon Stranger in My Own Hometown (00:51)

bullet icon Parchman Farm (00:50)

bullet icon Coffee (00:36)