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Upcountry Harmony - The Traditional Music of Upstate South Carolina

PRODUCED BY The Piedmont Harmony Project, the South Carolina Arts Commission, and The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor. CD cover art by Gale McKinley.

"The purpose of the CD is to introduce the musical traditions of Upstate South Carolina to a wider audience, to help this audience appreciate the richness and depth of these traditions, and to see the linkages between these traditions..."*

*From the liner notes

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bullet icon Down in the Willow Garden (01:40)

Harold Wayne Turner. This traditional murder ballad is a classic example of the rich ballad tradition of the Appplachian Mountains.

bullet icon I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap (01:49)

The late Hovey Murphy performing with the Gospel Mountain Boys on this Don Reno bluegrass gospel standard.

bullet icon La Llorona (01:05)

Jorge Medina. A native of Veracruz, Mexico, Medina moved to Seneca several years ago and plays several styles of Mexican folk music, including boleros, corridos, and solaces.

bullet icon One Meatball (01:33)

Weasel Creek String Band. This song is an old blues standard popularized by South Carolina upstate bluesman Josh White in the early 1900s.

bullet icon Amazing Grace (01:56)

The Greer Family. A unique arrangement of this classic hymn performed by Timothy & Janie Greer and their five children.

bullet icon Eastatoe Waltz (01:04)

An original piece written and performed by Nick (fiddle) & Cathy (guitar) Hallman.