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The Together as One Hymn Choir - Vol. 2

CD cover for the album Volume 2 by the Together As One Hymn Choir

The Together as One Hymn Choir presents traditional, old-style gospel songs, sung in a style predating what is usually recognized as gospel music. Choirs singing this older style are often referred to as Hymn Choirs, Senior Choirs, Vocal Choirs, Jubilee Choirs, or Note Choirs.

Some of the songs date back to 1707, handed down by oral tradition over the years. There is no accompaniment to the songs other than the driving thump of the hardwood floor, high spirited handclaps, and the simultaneous ad libs by more than sixty choir members.

The songs were recorded live, with no microphones in order to enhance a listener’s transportation by the old-style, traditional slave spirituals praising God even though times were dark.*

*adapted from the liner notes of the album "The Together as One Hymm Choir - Vol. 2."