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Sacred Prayers Sacred Songs

Sacred Prayers Sacred Songs

PRODUCED BY Will Moreau Goins. Mastered at Mann Recording Studios, Columbia, SC. Phoenix Records, 2001.

From the liner notes by Will Goins:

"To all of my friends, the listeners I give this sincere effort of love. With an energy born out of love I have recorded these songs for you. I realize that this recording contains classic church songs, ancient Native American Indian chants with a new progressive accompaniment, songs from musical theatre, and most importantly songs from my heart. These songs will live forever, all they need is to be sung. This is my small effort to help with that singing and passing these songs on to you."

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bullet icon Amazing Grace (01:47)

Performed in Cherokee & Lakota by Will Goins. Music by Gary and Anne Wakenhunt.

bullet icon Wayfairing Stranger (00:58)

Traditional Appalachian song. Performed by Will Goins. Music by Brian Ahern.

bullet icon Puva (01:29)

Ancient Hopi lullaby. Arranged & performed by Will Goins. Music by Brian Mann.