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Jackson Brothers

The Jackson Brothers

Originally known as the Jackson Family, the group started to sing together informally in 1937. They described their early efforts as a “do watcha can” quartet style. As the Jackson Family became more accomplished in their singing style, they received numerous invitations to perform at schools and African-American churches in the Anderson County area.

During World War II, the group took a hiatus because of two members serving in the military. After the war, the group reformed and called themselves the Jackson Brothers. They performed in the original Golden Gate quartet style that was so very popular before and after the war. Over the years, as the original members retired or passed away, new members were brought in and taught the tight and mellow harmony for which the group is known. Today, two of the original members remain in the nine-member group.

They continue to sing gospel music in many upstate churches and have recently begun performing at various music and heritage festivals throughout the state. Through their singing, the Jackson Brothers help to spread good will as they maintain their tradition of vocal harmony. The Jackson Brothers received the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award in 1999.