Dave - I Made This Jar

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Slide 1, Dave's Pottery.
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Tall food storage jar with two slab handles. Light brown to oatmeal-beige glaze color. Glaze was poured onto jar. This particular vessel is the earliest known piece where Dave used the coiling method to reach greater height and capacity. He added two coiled sections of clay onto the bottom section of the jar which was thrown on the wheel. The jar subsequently cracked where the first coil was applied. Used for storing meat or for pickling vegetables. Made by Dave. Incised: Mr. L miles Dave/Not counted; Opposite: May 16th 1843. Height: 27.75 Maximum Circumference: 70.25 Base Circumference: 32.75 Mouth Diameter: 14 Handle Lengths: 9.75 and 10 Private Collection
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Syrup jug with two strap handles and double ringed mouth. Dark iron-brown colored alkaline-glaze. The glaze is very shiny. Made by Dave. Incised: Rev. W.A. Lawton, July 19, 1859. Height: 16.25 Maximum Circumference: 43.125 Base Circumference: 29 Mouth Diameter: 2 Handle Length: 7 Collection of Paul and Sally Hawkins
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Food storage jar with four slab handles attached below the rolled rim. The glaze is an evenly colored green with a few glaze drips. Used for storing meat or lard. Made by Harvey Drake at the Pottersville Stoneware Manufactory, Edgefield District, South Carolina, ca. 1832. Incised at side between two of the four handles with fifteen hash marks indicating the capacity of 15 gallons, the numeral 15 and Harvey Drake. Height: 19.5 Maximum Circumference: 60.5 Base Circumference: 38 Mouth Diameter: 15.5 Handle Lengths: 10.5 and 11 Collection of Phil and Debbie Wingard
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Three-gallon syrup or whiskey jug with one strap handle and double ringed mouth. Light oatmeal-beige glaze color with some cream colored drips with specks of blue. Glaze texture is somewhat pebbled but very glassy. Made by Dave. Incised at shoulder: Lm, Oct 26, 1853, Dave. Height: 15.25 Maximum Circumference: 37 Base Circumference: 26.625 Mouth Diameter: 1.5 Handle Length: 8.5 Collection of Paul and Sally Hawkins
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Tall ovoid storage vessel with two slab handles. Glaze color is beige-oatmeal and orange, iron spots, long drips of glaze on exterior where rutile is very evident. Used for holding lard or as a churn. Made by Dave. Incised: Lm March 15 1858 Dave along with two vertical lines of four dots followed by two solid vertical lines. Height: 23.375 Maximum Circumference: 45 Base Circumference: 31 Mouth Diameter: 11.5 Handle Lengths: 10 and 9.5 Private Collection
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Alkaline-glazed food storage jar with two slab handles. Glaze is a bright green and very glassy in appearance. Used for storing meat or lard. Detail of verse. Made by Dave. Incised at shoulder: Aug 7 1860 Dave on one side with the verse, I saw a leopard & a lions face/then I felt the need of grace on the reverse. Height: 16.75 Maximum Circumference: 54.25 Base Circumference: 34.5 Mouth Diameter: 13 Handle Lengths: 8.75 and 7.75 Collection of Bill and Ann Cox
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Alkaline-glazed stoneware pitcher with strap handle. Glaze color is olive-khaki brown. Used for holding water, milk, or other liquid. Incised: Lm. Attributed to Dave. Height: 9.875 Maximum Circumference: 24 Base Circumference: 6.75 Mouth Diameter: 5.25 Handle Length: 7.125 Collection of McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina
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Large food storage jar with two slab handles. Olive green/khaki colored alkaline-glaze which is very glassy and shiny. Used for storing meat or holding lard. Made by Dave, although he did not write his name on the vessel. Incised: Horses, mules and hogs/All our cows is in the bogs/There they shall ever stay/Till the buzzards take them away; Opposite: 29th March 1836. Height: 16.125 Maximum Circumference: 52.75 Base Circumference: 34.75 Mouth Diameter: 12.5 Handle Lengths: 10.25 and 9.5 Collection of Bert and Jane Hunecke
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Food storage jar with two slab handles. Deep olive green to brown alkaline glaze. Matte finish, not shiny. Glaze was poured on which is seen in many glaze drips. Used for storing pork or beef, or for holding lard. Made by Dave. Incised: Lm November 9, 1860 Dave. Opposite: A noble jar for pork or beef/Then carry it a round to the indian chief. Height: 21.5 Maximum Circumference: 58.375 Base Circumference: 38 Mouth Diameter: 16 Handle Lengths: 10 and 9 Private Collection

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Large food storage jar, ovoid form with two slab/ear lug handles and full rolled rim. Glaze color is olive and red-brown in some areas where glaze was thin. Used for storing meat or lard. Made by Dave. Incised: Making this jar; I had all thoughts/lads & gentlemen; never out walks. Opposite: Lm Jan 30. 1858/Dave. Height: 20.625 Maximum Circumference: 62.5 Base Circumference: 36.25 Mouth Diameter: 13.25 Handle Lengths: 10.5 and 9.5 Private Collection